"We create with passion and love for our and your small family members. I make it passionately, putting heart and a ton of excitement for every detail of our small works of art ... it is a kind of addiction, which can not be cured ;)"
Show leashes from Pro Bows
Our leashes Represent functionality and convenience.
Sewn dewlap (choke / collar) gives you a guarantee of durability and total comfort for the dog.

Decorated elegantly and tastefully, making you shine on every dog show ;)
You can choose any color of string and decoration.

Black Diamond
Sky Navi
Luxury Baby Blue
Chocolate delight
Golden Queen

Exclusive ProBows leash

Velentine Leash
Lucky Leash
Sweet Candy leash
Suggary (Special for Women Day)
Laila Leash

Passion Leash
Purple Heaven
Silver speed
White Queen
Yellow leash