"We create with passion and love for our and your small family members. I make it passionately, putting heart and a ton of excitement for every detail of our small works of art ... it is a kind of addiction, which can not be cured ;)"
How you can order from Pro Bows
If you want to order a bow just write me the name of the model.
You can also choose any color and size :)

For bows basic color is red, if you would like a bows in another color it's not a problem. Bows with Swarovski Crystals are available in all colors! Just write the bow's name and choose a color from our ribbons:

You can also choose construction a your bow: Bands, Plastic Clip or French Barrette.
We use the best quality rubber bands from the show tech (my bows are two rubber bands)

Now just need to send your orders to: prokokardka@gmail.com
model ...
size ...
color ...

Do not forget to include your address ;)

We send our bows over the world!

Shipping cost is only 5 EUR / 6 USD

We accept:

Western Union
Bank Account

enjoy !